About Us

We're an organization for people to explore their passions for data science in a competitive and collaborative setting. Our members are eager to use their talents to solve real-world problems and to share their knowledge with the community.

We provide a platform for CMU students to develop hands-on skills, gain exposure to cutting-edge developments, and share their own projects in data science, including specific areas such as big data and machine learning. To stay tuned for updates, you can follow this website, join the community on Facebook, and sign up for our mailing list here!

Club Events


General Body Meeting

We're holding a General Body Meeting and everyone's invited! We'll be discussing our plans and goals for the semester, along with a lot of upcoming opportunities and events occuring over the next couple weeks. This is a chance for you to meet us and share your thoughts on what you'd like to see more of throughout the semester.


Citadel CMU Datathon - The Data Open

Citadel is proud to present The Data Open, a datathon competition taking place throughout the year at a series of top universities. At each event, participants collaborate in teams to work through a large and complex dataset and then submit their findings to a panel of judges.

If you are an individual who has a passion for tackling the most interesting and critical challenges that touch the global markets, then The Data Open is for you. This is an opportunity for exceptional problem-solvers to explore vast data sets to discover groundbreaking insights to socially impactful problems, with the winner receiving $25,000 cash and an interview at Citadel. Be sure to sign up by September 29.


Data Science Summit


We'll be a hosting series of introductory data science workshops to teach the basics of Python data science frameworks and a couple of intermediate applications to help prepare for the Tartan Data Science Cup!


Frameworks & Tools

A free software environment for statistical computing and graphics


A data manipulation library, providing a set of tools that help solve common data manipulation challenges


Simple and efficient tools for data mining and data analysis in Python


The fundamental package for scientific computing with Python


A powerful, yet easy to use tool for machine learning and data mining


A standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases

Workshops & Lectures
Thursday, 9/20/2018
Rangos 3

Petuum Lecture Series

Petuum - a high-funded AI start-up and CMU spinoff from one of our very own factulty in the MLD - sponsored a data science lecture series and competition. We received a lot of great abstracts, and with the submissions reviewed it's time to hear the finalists give their presentations!

Lectures include:
  • - The Applications of Machine Learning Algorithms to Monitor Satellite Health
  • - A Dynamic Pipeline for Spatio-Temporal Fire Risk Prevention
  • - Image Restoration - AI Can Now Fix Your Grainy Photos by Only Looking at Grainy Photos
  • - Seasonal Epidemic Forecasting: Goals, Testbeds, and Methods
  • - Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning Without Centralized Training Data
Friday, 9/28/2018
HH B131

Visual Trumpery - Alberto Cairo

The English word “trumpery” means worthless nonsense, something that is showy and deceitful at the same time. Trumpery can occur in text, verbally, or visually. This non-partisan talk focuses on the visual, examining misleading charts, graphs, and data maps designed by individuals and organizations from all over the political spectrum. Cairo will use these examples to equip you with a solid understanding of “graphicacy,” the word he uses to refer to visual literacy. He believes a literate, numerate, and graphicate citizenry is the best antidote for a world where trumpery runs rampant.


Resume Workshop

With a lot of career fairs fast approaching, it's time to polish up those resumes. We're interested in offering some workshops to cover some helpful advice and hone in those interview skills so we can all feel prepared come hiring season. Come by our GBM on September 6 to share your thoughts on whether these are things you are interested in!

Data Repositories

Research data for the sciences, engineering, and humanities.

Yahoo Finance

Historical stock data on all public companies.

Resume Book

Upload your resume to our resume book so it can be shared with our corporate sponsors!



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